Successful Participation at COMPAMED 2016

The latest innovations from Composites Busch SA attracted a great deal of interest among specialist visitors at the COMPAMED trade show, held in Duesseldorf, Germany, on 14-17 November 2016. This was a perfect opportunity for visitors to learn more about our new technology in the area of 3D composite printing. Visitors to our booth were especially impressed by how rapidly components with characteristics of extreme stability and resistance could be produced. For instance, models with an osseous aspect and the mechanical characteristics of human bone could be reproduced simply, quickly and cost-efficiently.

The development of carbon composite parts as an alternative to metal designs continues to be of tremendous interest to specialists in medical technology. In particular, visitors to the Composites Busch trade show booth were able to find out more and obtain individual advice from our experts about prototypes that are being used in the development of exoskeletons.