Customer Value

Why Composites?

Composites have outstanding physical and aesthetic qualities that other materials cannot achieve. Our composites are based on long, high strength fibres made from materials such as carbon, glass and aramid encapsulated in a polymer matrix. Depending on the end-user application, this may, for example, be an epoxy resin, polyurethane (PU) or polyetheretherketone (PEEK). All of our composite materials and components are customized to meet the precise requirements of our customers and are characterized by quality, outstanding performance, high strength, durability and light weight.

In medical technology and medical devices, our composites are ISO 13485 certified and have additional features of bio-compatibility, resistance to repeated sterilization, x-ray transparency, warmth to touch and pleasing aesthetics. This is especially important in orthopaedics and dentistry.

Particularly whenever dynamics are involved, our customers in industry value the light weight of composites coupled with high performance and durability, allowing higher speed of movement and reduced energy consumption. These features make composite materials and components a highly sustainable solution.

In the luxury goods sector, composites offer creative design flexibility and warmth that cannot be achieved with metals and alloys.

In sport, Busch hockey sticks are carried with pride by champions. In 3D additive manufacturing, composites open up a completely new world of geometries, while saving on material costs through additive technologies.

Business Approach

Our approach at Composites Busch is based on close co-operation and co-engineering to integrate quality, performance and efficiency into all our products and the products of our end customers. Through partnering, we understand the needs of our customers and develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers’ requirements. Furthermore, we are always seeking to further expand our leadership position in the development and application of innovative technologies, while at all times leading in even the most complex of engineering portfolios.

Being a close partner means developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Composites Busch — Your trusted partner in composites.

Bringing Value to Customers

Composites Busch uses a unique integrated approach, where design, engineering, materials selection and fabrication are evaluated and optimized to ensure that the result is robust and cost effective. From product development to contract manufacturing, Composites Busch’s expertise and know-how ensure that end-products are delivered to customer specifications.