Why Composites

More and more, composite materials are becoming a competitive alternative to metals and metallic alloys traditionally used in medical devices, mainly due to the following advantages:

  • Light weight, about five times lighter than stainless steel
  • Mechanical properties that are impossible to match with conventional materials
  • Resistance to repeated sterilization cycles without any deterioration of performance, look or dimensional characteristics
  • Proven Biocompatibility, suppressing the risk of allergic reactions caused by the release of metal ions
  • X-ray transparency, thereby allowing optimal interpretation and visualization of radiographic images
  • Pleasant to the touch, providing a feeling of warmth when in contact with the skin
  • Esthetically appealing

Partnering with Composites Busch allows you access to these ground-breaking materials and solutions



In an environment as advanced and competitive as medical technology, Composites Busch has always been searching for innovative and efficient solutions. Our specialists not only bring expertise in composite materials and structural engineering, but also a deep knowledge of the medical issues and requirements.

By continuing to develop and invest in new technologies, Composites Busch has the capability to deliver higher performance and more cost-effective composite solutions.


Medical standards are among the highest and medical companies, as well as surgeons and patients, need to rely on products that meet these stringent quality requirements every day. Therefore, in choosing your partner in the complex and demanding field of medical technologies, only the best will do. When Composites Busch joins forces with its customer, an eminent team is created, capable of overcoming the most challenging problems. Whatever your expectations – Composites Busch can provide the solution.



Composites Busch uses a unique integrated approach, where design, engineering, materials selection and
fabrication are evaluated and optimized to ensure that the result is robust and cost-effective. From product development to contract manufacturing,
Composites Busch’s expertise and knowhow ensure that end-products are delivered to customer specifications.
Working to the requirements of the FDA and ISO13485, Composites Busch is your perfect partner for success in the long run.


Composites Busch’s materials and products have been approved and adopted by well-stablished
OEMs for devices such as:

  • Rods and rings for External fixation elements intended for traumatology and reconstruction
  • Handles for dental and surgical power tools
  • Components for operating tables and radiology equipment
  • Parts for wheelchairs and exoskeletons
  • Single-use instrumentation
  • Patient-specific cutting guides used in knee arthroplasty and maxillofacial surgery
  • Functional prototypes and anatomical models Whatever your project – talk to us first.

Additive Manufacturing

The technology of additive manufacturing by thermoplastic powder sintering, known as SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING, has proven to be particularly effective in meeting very specific requirements of the Medtech sector. The BIOCOMPATIBILITY and the mechanical properties of the selected polymer materials are perfect for delivering both functional prototypes and qualified serial products such as single-use instrumentation.

The material’s resistance to heat and chemicals ensures proper decontamination and sterilization of components in conformity with hospital practices and standards. This manufacturing method offers almost unlimited DESIGN FREEDOM as well as substantial savings compared with traditional machining techniques, whilst providing the additional advantage of a FAST TURNAROUND time. With its flexibility, reactivity, experience and ISO13485 CERTIFIED quality management, Composites Busch is the preferred choice for any of your additive manufacturing projects.

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