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Composites Materials & Additive Manufacturing
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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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Solutions dedicated to serving and supporting humanity

Helping, supporting and guiding our customers through the development of new solutions for patients and the medical profession, based on the reliability of composite materials and the flexibility of additive manufacturing – that is the challenge we set ourselves on a daily basis.

We are your close partner, with a quality management system certified according to the ISO13485 standard that is involved at every stage of your project, from design and manufacturing to the delivery of your parts.

Areas of application

Orthopaedic devices


Operating table components

Robotic solutions

External fastenings

Surgical instruments

Imaging equipment

Dental applications

Discover the manufacture of composite medical devices:

High-performance materials, appropriate solutions

Composite materials, a cutting edge alternative

Parts made from composite materials stand out for their impeccable quality and exceptional performance, resulting from optimum construction based on the use of long carbon fibres. In addition, medical devices produced using these materials offer extreme lightness and excellent long-term dimensional stability. That is why they represent a competitive alternative to the metals and metal alloys traditionally used in the medical sector.

Our composite materials are not only biocompatible and transparent to X-rays; they are also appreciated for their visual and sensory qualities.

resistant to multiple sterilisation cycles with no loss of performance.

Bringing ideas to life through collaboration to make them a reality

A close partner at your service

Our priority is to work closely with our customers every day, listening, understanding their needs and co-engineering solutions. We aim to create long-term local partnerships in response to our customers’ expectations and the requirements of the sector.

From design to serial production, via the selection and preparation of raw materials, our team of engineers, technicians and specialists design and develop processes that ensure the quality, traceability and conformity of the end product.

Quality, advanced technology and compliance with standards

Always listening to a constantly evolving field

For us, it is fundamentally important that we comply with the strictest standards in force in the Medtech sector, without concession. That is why our quality management system is certified according to the ISO 13485:2016 standard and

conform with the FDA 21CFR820/cGMP (Food and Drug Administration) and MDR 745/2017 (Medical Device Regulation) regulations.

Additive manufacturing for the medical sector

A perfect complement to our solutions made from composite materials, additive manufacturing with PA12-based thermoplastics broadens the range of possibilities open to the medical sector.

We use biocompatible materials with excellent mechanical characteristics and a high level of dimensional stability.

Drawing on this expertise, we can produce a wide range of surgical products and devices, which can be customised as needed, as well as various functional anatomical models.

These materials can withstand normal sterilisation methods and conditions, an adapted solution for either single or multiple use. We can make your projects a reality, whether in small batches or mass-produced, depending on your needs.

Do you have a question? A project? An idea?

Our Medtech experts are here for you!

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