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Composites Manufacturing
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Unlocking the potential combining flexibility and cost-effectiveness for total freedom in shapes and surfaces.
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Overseeing processes and managing risks while remaining true to the company’s values of innovation and humanism.
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Could your next professional challenge lies in the world of composite materials?
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The constantly changing world of composite materials offers a wide range of opportunities in various sectors and roles.
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Composites Materials & Additive Manufacturing
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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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composites busch

Composite Materials & Additive Manufacturing

The Company

Composites Busch has successfully created and produced high quality materials since 1988 by gathering talents and skills, building up experience and linking the legacy of the past to the challenges of the future.

This photo highlights our employees.


Driven by a keen sense of standards and performance, we ensure that technology, creativity and productivity serve the values and ideals on which the company was founded.


Our teams place research and development at the forefront of every project to highlight the detail that will make the biggest difference.


For us, progress and innovation only make sense if they serve humanity.


Embodied by the constant quest for continuous improvement and the highest standards, Quality is a guiding principle in the service of customers, their projects and their needs.


Since its inception in 1988, and regardless of the field of activity, our teams have systematically focused on research and development. Each new project represents an opportunity for resource pooling, in order to take care of everything, down to the smallest detail which will make the biggest difference. A challenge that we consistently meet thanks to flawless commitment and passionate work.

The Human Factor

In the same way that the composite materials we produce are characterised by the highest quality, we provide the conditions so that the best possible chemistry can develop between our employees and the projects they work on. For us, progress and innovation only make sense if they serve people’s interests.


Composites Busch assembles heterogeneous values and combines them to form a company with unique properties. However, the one element on which we never compromise is quality. Reflected into the constant quest for perfection and the consistent rigour expected from all the persons involved, quality is a state of mind that serves the customer, their projects and their dreams.

Our Commitments

The company has always been committed to evolving and challenging preconceived ideas. This attitude is what makes us who we are today: a major player in the composite materials sector, a reliable, attentive partner and a collaborator whose priority is to offer an industrial approach that places people at its centre.


At Composites Busch, training is fundamental to our culture. Our employees benefit from continuous, comprehensive training programs, both internally and externally, crucial for honing their technical expertise and expanding their knowledge base.


Furthermore, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of professionals by providing internship opportunities in our workshops and offices. Through close collaboration with Ateliers Busch SA, our sister company, we regularly welcome their apprentices to receive specialized training in our areas of expertise.

Advancing Sustainable Development


The company’s commitment to reducing energy consumption, retrofitting existing buildings, and implementing small yet impactful initiatives such as promoting car-sharing and installing charging stations for electric vehicles, reflects a genuine dedication to minimizing our ecological footprint.



On an industrial scale, our engineers integrate environmentally-friendly practices into their daily work with composite materials. For instance, the utilisation of offcuts between projects is already commonplace in our workshops. Looking ahead, our experts are meticulously researching the development of tomorrow’s composite materials, based more on natural fibres and bio-based resins.


Internally, we have empowered committed volunteer employees to form a “sustainable development” group to continue supporting ongoing actions and strengthen the company’s efforts.


Community Engagement


We believe that a company should embody more than just a production entity. It must integrate harmoniously and sustainably into the social, cultural and community fabric to which it belongs.

We actively participate in technical, scientific and sports fields to support initiatives involving youth, as we firmly believe that personal growth is intricately linked to the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Examples include sponsoring technical workshops for children organised by the FSRM-Kids organisation in Porrentruy, also final-year study trips for materials science students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, as well as several clubs providing training in various sports in the region.

Our partners

We are members of the following associations:

Join us to make things happen.

The constantly changing world of composite materials offers opportunities in various sectors and roles.

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