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Additive manufacturing

A different way to produce your projects

Heavily inspired by composite technologies, additive manufacturing allows your ideas to take shape, layer after layer, detail after detail.

Thanks to 3D printing using the selective laser sintering (SLS) process, our expertise in thermoplastic additive manufacturing built up over more than fifteen years complements our overall skills precisely and relevantly.

Areas of application

Medical sector

Luxury sector

Aerospace and mobility sector

Industrial sector



Machine components


Materials for your ideas

Flexibility, responsiveness, precision

Whether extremely simple or of great geometric complexity, whether they need to be biocompatible or resistant in thermal or mechanical terms, your ideas can take shape quickly and precisely in our additive manufacturing workshop.

With virtually no limits on form or structure, and offering tight control over production costs, thermoplastic 3D additive manufacturing is ideally suited to the needs of sectors as diverse as watchmaking, design and architecture, the automotive industry, Medtech and aerospace.

Precise specifications, appropriate responses

Materials tailored to your needs

To give shape to your projects, we work with thermoplastic materials including polyamide 12 (PA 2200), glass-filled polyamide 12, aluminium particle-filled polyamide 12 (alumide) and polyurethane (TPU 1301). All with their own specific characteristics, these materials can adapt to your needs. In particular, polyamide 12 complies with the standards in force in the aerospace and medical sectors.


At the same time, we can also offer surface treatments for parts, such as impregnation, painting, vibratory finishing and ultrasound.

Download our technical sheets (PDF):

PA 2200 : polyamide 12

Glass-filled : Glass-filled Polyamide 12

Alumide : Aluminium-filled Polyamide 12

TPU 1301 : thermoplastic polyurethane


Download our material sheets (PDF):

PA 2200 : polyamide 12

PA 3200 GF : Glass-reinforced Polyamide 12

Alumide : Aluminium-filled Polyamide 12

PA12 AERO : PA2210 FR

TPU 1301 : thermoplastic polyurethane


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