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Watchmaking and Luxury
Innovative ideas for creating and enhancing materials.
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Aerospace & Mobility
Materials that contribute to human progress, taking us higher and further.
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Solutions to make life more intuitive and in tune with a constantly changing world.
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Combining innovation and high requirementsstandards to create innovative materials for solutions appropriate to your needs.
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Composites Manufacturing
Harmonising human expertise with machine precision to shape composite materials into suitable, coherent forms.
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Unlocking the potential combining flexibility and cost-effectiveness for total freedom in shapes and surfaces.
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Overseeing processes and managing risks while remaining true to the company’s values of innovation and humanism.
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Could your next professional challenge lies in the world of composite materials?
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The constantly changing world of composite materials offers a wide range of opportunities in various sectors and roles.
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Composites Materials & Additive Manufacturing
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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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Watchmaking & Luxury

Innovative ideas for creating and enhancing materials

Thanks to our skills and our collaboration with our customers, developed specifically for the luxury sectors, we can offer new and innovative solutions using exceptional materials.

Our prototypers design and develop custom materials, creating unique blends that meet the requirements of the luxury industries.

Our materials adapt to your creations:

Watch parts

(middles, dials, movement plates, bracelet elements…)

Writing instruments

(pen bodies, office accessories, caps…)


(rings, earrings…)

Fashion accessories

(belt buckles, lighters, glasses…)

Discover the creation of new composite materials:

Composite materials, limitless creativity

Carbon to sublimate precious metals, and more…

Composite materials allow for unlimited creativity by taking any shape, texture and colour you want. Composite technology enables the marriage of materials to give colour, contrast and originality to finished products.


The combinations are endless, allowing us to offer our customers unique, exclusive pieces in line with the latest trends.


We work with high-performance bio-based and thermoplastic resins combined with raw materials such as carbon, natural fibres, recyclable fibres, precious metals, minerals, coloured fibres, recycled materials, fabrics, scrap raw materials from the fields of aviation, space, automotive, etc.

Custom solutions.

Thinking, imagining and creating together

Working closely with our customers, we share the values of support and listening to their needs to make it possible to create unique custom pieces.

At the heart of a region famous for its watchmaking, we are committed to combining innovation and precision. Inspired by the past, we imagine the future alongside our customers. Thanks to high precision CNC machining, specific manufacturing and meticulous finishing, we are able to offer unique parts.

We design new materials based on careful studies of the types of machining that will result. This requires expertise acquired over many years to meet the expectations of the end customer.

Precision, reliability and quality

Meeting your highest standards

Each step of the process reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, from the design, development and manufacture of parts to CNC machining, finishing and inspection.


We subject our products to rigorous testing (geometric and semi-automatic 3D optical testing) and precise control (dimension sensing on the production line and three-dimensional machine checks to ensure the dimensional conformity of curved parts) throughout our processes, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of your projects.


In addition, we monitor changes in standards by using environmentally friendly products in compliance with the RoHS directive and the REACH regulations. We also use special equipment to perform material tests.

Additive manufacturing for watchmaking and luxury goods

Explore new possibilities with our expertise in additive manufacturing by selective laser sintering (SLS).


This process makes it possible to produce complex shapes in order to manufacture fittings or polyamide boxes for handling and transporting your delicate parts gently.

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