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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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A 35-year industrial adventure with a solid future


In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”. A few months later, having found the perfect person, the company began producing the very first vanes for its vacuum pumps in a brand-new unit at its Chevenez production site in northwestern Switzerland.

Alain Lallemand, then the site operations manager, recalls: “The idea of Dr Karl Busch, the group’s boss at the time, was to master composite materials solely to be able to produce the pump vanes in-house.” Alain, now the deputy director of Composites Busch continues: “We quickly reached our cruising speed. Everything was in place, and things were going well. As I’m creative by nature, I started doing a few tests…”

First Innovations

At that time, the company only manufactured flat parts, the aforementioned pump vanes. Curious to see how composite materials would behave in different forms, the teams at the time carried out a test on a Teflon pipe filled with carbon fibre, injected and heated. This is how the first evolution of Composites Busch was born: a carbon bike handlebar named “Barflex”. Thanks to this new product, news of the company’s skills with composite technologies began to spread, slowly but surely.


Media coverage of this first invention reached the ears of officials at the local ice hockey club, who came up with a wild idea: what if one-piece ice hockey sticks could be made from composite materials to replace wooden sticks, which were too brittle when used in high-level sport? At the same time, buoyed by these different possibilities, the company began to conquer the Medtech world with its first carbon prosthesis under the name “Busch Energy”.

A Major Turning Point

But it was the hockey sticks that made Composites Busch’s global reputation a few months later. After many tests, developers and production managers at the Swiss company managed to convince the highest-profile players to use their sticks. First North America and then the whole world was won over by the skill and expertise of the Swiss company.


More than 25 years of industrial innovation and success would follow, placing Composites Busch at the forefront of the composite materials world. “We made more than 20,000 hockey sticks a year! Half of our production space was given over to manufacturing them,” recalls Alain Lallemand. “As well as being our flagship product, the production of these hockey sticks was a fantastic laboratory for gaining even greater mastery of what can be done with composite materials.”

Making the legacy last

In 2018, due to economic reasons and market saturation, Composites Busch decided to discontinue the production of hockey sticks and diversify its activities more intensively. Medtech, watchmaking, luxury goods, aviation and engineering became an integral part of the company’s production targets. Having moved to Porrentruy in 1998 and experienced unparalleled expansion, Composites Busch is now ready to face the challenges of the future.

“I’m convinced there is still a lot to be done in the field of composite materials!” declares Alain Lallemand. The deputy director concludes: “Composites Busch is fortunate to be able to draw on such a strong history and incredible experience, gained through a relatively short but extremely intense industrial adventure. Our challenge now is to sustain this legacy and keep writing our beautiful story.”

Foundation of Composites Busch


The company starts exclusively producing carbon vanes for Busch Group vacuum pumps. This production continues today.


Composites Busch innovates by marketing a new product: the “barflex” mountain bike handlebar, made of carbon and Kevlar.


The company takes its first steps in the medical sector by producing the “Busch Energy” carbon prosthesis.

In the same year, the Composites Busch workshops invent the very first composite ice hockey stick. This invention marks a turning point in the company’s history.


The first venture into aviation for Composites Busch with the manufacture of drone landing gear for the Swiss and Finnish armed forces.


Busch hockey sticks go global! The North American market has been won, followed by the rest of the world. Over 20,000 ice hockey sticks leave the company’s production facility in Porrentruy.


Composites Busch enters the luxury market by developing original, innovative composite materials to meet the specific needs of fine watchmaking.


Composites Busch obtains ISO 9001 certification, underlining the excellent management of its quality control system.


The same year, additive manufacturing technology is integrated into the company’s production processes.

Further certification underlines the company’s position in the Medtech field. Composites Busch has been granted the ISO13485 standard for its quality management system for the medical device industry.


This year also marks an important period when the company establishes itself as a recognised specialist in composite materials in the field of fine watchmaking.

We enter the mobility industry, manufacturing carbon chassis for the industrial drone sector.


After 26 years of production, Composites Busch ceases manufacturing ice hockey sticks.


Following 30 years of expertise in the field of composites and receiving the EN9100 standard accreditation, the company sets out to conquer the aerospace sector.

Composites Busch continues its expansion and doubles the overall area of its Porrentruy production site.


The company invests heavily in the Research and Development department to integrate new skills and open up new industrial horizons.


We celebrate 35 years of Composites Busch and 60 years of the Busch Group.


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