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Composites Materials & Additive Manufacturing
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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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Aerospace & mobility

Bringing people closer together

Building bridges between people and cultures, reducing distances and bringing people closer together: from the invention of the wheel to the conquest of space, the progress in mobility made over the centuries is truly phenomenal. Today, Composites Busch is proud to contribute to this fantastic human adventure.

Thanks to optimised industrial processes, advanced composite technologies and high-precision production methods, we offer concrete, innovative solutions tailored to the requirements of the aeronautical, space and mobility industries.

Areas of application

Civil aviation



Electric mobility

Private jets

Luxury cars

Aircraft engines





Sports cars

Discover the manufacture of high performance composite parts:

Materials to make progress a reality

Faster, higher, further

The very essence of composite materials lies in the new characteristics arising from their combination. This added value, designed and developed as the solution to a concrete problem, takes on its full meaning in the field of aviation: varied, adaptable composite technologies involving thermosetting or thermoplastic materials, such as compression moulding, resin transfer moulding (RTM) and autoclave curing, make it possible to optimise the mechanical performance of structural parts.

This photo shows the aeronautical industry.

Think bigger and produce better

A solution for every challenge

Composites Busch has striven for more than 35 years to manufacture products in different ways, bring new ideas to fruition and translate innovations, materials or processes into reality. Through our experience in the world of composite materials, we have established specific production processes, working methods and organisational structures that allow us to provide you with highly relevant support in the development and production of particularly demanding solutions – in the aerospace sector, for example.

In concrete terms, our expertise helps you to meet your specific needs by aligning the right material with the right process. The objective is clear: performance optimisation and costs with robust processes, in certified environments.

This involves the following stages:

Sustainable Development

Like the rest of the company, which is doing everything in its power to work towards sustainable development and ever-cleaner production, the aviation sector strives to minimise its environmental impact. This includes using bio-based raw materials where possible, offering customers increasingly lightweight parts, regularly processing and reusing our waste and the “built stronger to last longer” principle, which favours products designed to be sustainable.

Additive manufacturing for the aerospace sector

Are you looking for an economical process that combines responsiveness and flexibility with fast production times, either for prototyping or for the production of large or small series of specific parts? Our additive manufacturing specialists are here to meet your needs in the production of polyamide 12 parts, a material that complies with aerospace standards thanks to its fire resistance and dielectric properties.

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