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The constantly changing world of composite materials offers a wide range of opportunities in various sectors and roles.
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Composites Materials & Additive Manufacturing
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In 1988, Busch published an ad in the newspaper: it was actively seeking a “pioneer in composite materials”…
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Composite manufacturing

Our core expertise

Exceptional composite materials open up a vast range of possibilities. Each part requires a well-managed manufacturing process and a precise combination of components, evidence of a certain level of expertise.
We adapt to every need, from the selection of materials (thermosetting or thermoplastic) to the complete definition of the transformation and control processes.

With us, every detail counts to achieve excellence in the manufacture of composite materials. Our teams have multiple skills, from raw material preparation and lay-up, via injection and machining to the finalisation of all the details through component assemblies, engraving, bonding, cleaning and quality control.

Multiple roles, multiple skills

A technology for every project

We focus our attention and our expertise on every request to offer the best manufacturing process, meeting the requirements of all the sectors in which we operate. Whether for a few pieces or for large runs using the kanban method, production lies at the centre of our workshop. From raw material storage to preparation, processing, cutting, fibre orientation and moulding, our technical teams and quality specialists collaborate at every stage of the project.

The art of creating composite materials.

Our composite technologies

Whether you need parts with complex geometries, extremely hard-wearing and light for the structure of an aircraft, or unique custom creations for the interior of a private jet or for a luxury watch case, we have a variety of technologies that can adapt to your needs:

We manufacture thermosetting composite materials using bio-based resins and as much as possible. Other solutions include TPI, PEEK, PEKK, PPS and other thermoplastics

A precise strategy for machining programs

CNC machining

Our stock of machines consists of 15 machining centres, 3-, 5- and 6-axis, offering multiple possibilities depending on the complexity and precision of the finished part.


Once we have produced your material, our operators have to be extremely precise. We adopt a specific CNC machining program according to the composition of the material (long or short fibres, flakes etc.) and how it reacts.

The ultimate guarantee of quality

Finishing, traceability and quality control

Our teams apply their skills in our workshops for this final “finishing” phase, which is extremely important for finalising your parts. We carry out 3D, micrographic or X-ray checks. We use a computer system to ensure compliance and traceability.

Depending on your needs, our Finishing team can add markings and apply surface treatments, such as vibratory finishing for gentle deburring, and ultrasonic, steam and dry ice cleaning.

Do you have a question? A project? A dream?

Our technical experts are here for you!

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